Lilly's Bead Box Natural Gemstone Jewelry Supplies: Established in 2002

In Knoxville, Tennessee...on a whim. I had a dream about opening a retail shop...not a solid dream, just a vague desire with no parameters. I was inspired by the woman I worked for in High School who owned her own retail clothing store just for teens. It was a thriving successful business and I was smitten. However, life took over and I got a Masters degree in something else and it just hadn't happened...

In 2002, I discovered beads...gemstone beads to be specific. A friend was making jewelry with rubies and sapphires. It wasn't just the amazing jewelry that hooked was the gemstones. I have been in love with gemstones since I was little. My Dad took me Ruby mining on our vacations to North Carolina and I loved the hidden treasure hunts. Almost immediately, my mind put the two things together and I realized what wanted to do. I wanted to open a bead store.

After a ton of research, a location search and maxing out 3 credit cards, Lilly's Bead Box was born. I made friends with an Indian man from Punjab and began importing high quality gemstones on a regular basis. I was in heaven and my business was soaring!

Over the years we have had our ups and downs. 2010-2013 were difficult years but
towards the end of 2013 I got some of my mojo back and decided to do a HUGE trunk show at my retail store with a vendor friend. I was really worried because I did not want to let him down with poor sales. I pulled out all the stops for marketing and it paid off. The show was a success.

On the heels of that success, I started trying new things with Lilly's and also began looking at my shop with a new, fresh vision. Look out world! Lilly's Bead Box is on the rise again!

*** One that is important to note when you are choosing your gemstone bead or beading supplier in general. Here at Lilly's WE know how to make jewelry! We know the supplies we are selling personally and we can tell you HOW to use them, WHEN to use them and which ones are the best for your project. I think that is a huge plus in a supplier!!

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